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These bags are expertly crocheted by Romelia and Lelis Pushaina, members of the Wayuu tribe in Santa Marta in the North of Colombia. By purchasing a Wayuu bag, you are directly helping their community.

These bags come in 3 different sizes: LARGE-MEDIUM-SMALL. Make sure to check the measurements to ensure you are ordering the right size for you.

LARGE size bag measures approx. 28 cm (11")  tall x approx. 22 cm (8.6") diameter. Weighs 470 g (1 pound). The following 2 pictures are of a large size bag: 


MEDIUM size bag measures approx. 21 cm (8.2")  tall x approx. 16 cm (6.3") diameter. Weighs 250 g (0.5 pound). The following picture is of a medium size bag:

SMALL size bag measures approx. 15 cm (5.9") tall x approx. 12 cm (4.7") diameter. Weighs 120 g (0.2 pound). The following picture is of a small size bag:

Measurements can vary slightly due to the manual nature of the work.

  • Drawstring closure at the top. 
  • No pockets inside or outside (some customers sew their own pockets inside the bags).
  • No lining:
The strap is made by hand with a special needle by a technique that the Wayuu master perfectly. Details of the strap of a fushia medium-size bag:
If you would like a unicolor strap instead of a multicolor strap, feel free to let us know at info@pazena.com and we will accomodate your preference.
Material of bags and strap: 100% cotton.

Care instructions: Wash by hand or by machine in cold water, gentle cycle, with a mild detergent. No chlorine. NO DRYER. Let dry in the shade.

Since each item is unique, the products received by customers will be similar to the product page images. The patterns might be slightly different, but the colors will be identical.

Clicking on the following picture will take you to an article on the Wayuu tribe:

Lelis and Romelia

Also available: assorted Wayuu pouches for you to sew inside your large bucket bag to make your own pockets or to just use as loose pouches.

Allow 6 to 12 weeks for delivery. Sent by the Colombian postal service 4-72 with a tracking number. Will reach buyers through their local postal service.



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