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The Tayrona tribe in Colombia crochet their own style of open bucket bags in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, near the Lost City "Ciudad perdida". By purchasing a Tayrona bag, you are directly helping their community. These bags are mostly unknown to the Western world
but are popular in South America. 
Free shipping to all of Mexico.

Clicking on the following picture will take you to an article on the Tayrona tribe:

Most colors are natural. Material: 100% natural local wool. 

  • No closure at the top: these bucket bags are open.
  • No pockets inside or outside.

  • No lining, and the design of the bucket bags extends to the bottom:

  • These bucket bags are available in 3 different sizes: large-medium-small. Make sure to check the measurements to ensure you are ordering the right size for you.

LARGE size measures 30 cm (11.8") high x 22 cm (8.6") in diameter. Weighs 300 g (0.6 lb). Strap is 87 cm long (34)" and 7 cm wide (2.7"). The following 2 pictures are the large size bag:


MEDIUM size measures 21 cm (8.3") high x  19 cm (7.5") in diameter. Weighs 170 g (0.4 pound). Strap is 85 cm long (34") and 5 cm wide (2"). The following pictures are the medium size bag:


The TINY size bag measures  14 cm (5.5") high x 12 cm (4.7") in diameter. Weighs 100 g (0.2 pound). Strap is 85 cm long (33") and 2.5 cm wide (1"). The following is a picture the tiny bag:

And this Cesar with his beautiful cart in front of the church in Santa Marta:

The quality of the crocheting is remarquable.
It is a fine weave and the items are very durable.

Care instructions: Lightly blot stains with clean sponge and cold water. Let dry in the shade. NO DRYER. Clean professionally when needed.

Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. Sent by Correos de Mexico with a tracking number. Will reach buyers through their local postal service. Free shipping to all of Mexico.



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