You will receive an order confirmation email after ordering. Upon receiving your order confirmation email, please double check that the shipping address you entered is correct and that the products are exactly the ones you wanted (model-color-size). 

Contact us right away should you notice any mistake in your order, simply by responding to the confirmation email, so that we can send the items you wanted and to the destination you want them to be sent without any confusion.

The process at Pazeña is the reverse of mass-production. The artisans we work with are independent weavers who work out of their own home. Every order is treated as a special order. There is no stock and items are woven as orders come in. Production sometimes starts by the spinning and dyeing of threads from local raw materials. Other times, the finished thread is already available when you order and the weaver can start weaving sooner. This ensures that there is minimal waste of raw materials, if any.

Some items may need 1 or 2 days to make, others a week or two, or even up to a month for a few items. Weavers do not weave 24/7 and we respect their work ethics. Some weavers own only one loom, some others own loom shops. Production is not industrial in either case.

The weaver will start weaving your order as soon as they can. Maybe not the same day that you order because they probably have other orders going on already. 

1 to 2 weeks after ordering you will receive a notification email with a tracking number for you to follow your package on line. 

If your order includes more than one package because different weavers were involved you will receive a tracking number for each package in separate emails at different times. You can check the status of each of your items in your account  at any time if you registered your account at the time of purchase.

Usually your product will be finished within 2 weeks after you order.

The weaver will ship your product directly to you from their local post office or DHL/FEDEX office. It usually takes 2 weeks for your product to travel to you by the postal service, or a few days by DHL/FEDEX, depending on what country you are in, the time spent in customs and other events that can happen that are not under Pazeña's control.

All in all, customers usually receive their items by the postal service within 4-5 weeks after ordering, or 2-3 weeks by FEDEX/DHL.

If your direction changes or if you move before you receive your order, please let us know right away by sending an email to info@pazena.com so that we can adjust the shipping address if it's not already too late.

Please check our shipping policy and exchange/return policy.

You are very welcome to contact us at info@pazena.com or through a message (blue button bottom left) should you need more information concerning your purchase. Also check out our weaving videos in the "Videos" tab at the bottom left of the home page for a better understanding of the process.

And, as a friendly reminder:

Wrong address disclaimer

It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that the shipping address is entered correctly at check-out.  If you entered the wrong shipping address at check-out, please contact us at info@pazena.com with your order number and name, or simply respond right away to the order confirmation email you received.

Pazeña shall not be liable for delays and/or failures in delivery if we cannot gain access to the property. If the parcel is shipped with the incorrect address the courier may not accept an address change. If the parcel is returned and the buyer requests to reship the parcel additional shipping fees will be applied. 

If your direction changes or if you move after you order, please let us know right away by sending an email to info@pazena.com so that we can adjust the shipping address if it's not already too late.



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