1 to 2 weeks after ordering, you will receive a notification email with a tracking number once your product has shipped. If you have created an account with Pazeña, you will be able to track the progress of your order in your account on my website.

If your order ships in several packages because various weavers were involved, you will receive a tracking number for each package in different emails and at different dates. You will be able to track each package separately with its own tracking number.

How do I track my shipment?
After you receive your notification email with a tracking number, click on the link provided to check out where your package is. If you cannot find this email, log into your account at and get your tracking number. As long as your package is still within Mexico, the tracking will be done on the website of Correos de Mexico.

When the package gets out of Mexico, the tracking of your package switches to the national postal service of the country of destination. It is easy to find the website of your national postal service on google and then track your package there using the tracking number I gave you.

If you have any difficulty, please contact me at info@pazena with your order number and name and I will assist you.

I tracked my shipment but there is no tracking information available
I noticed that there can be an interruption in the tracking info when a package changes countries. This does not mean that the package is lost. Tracking will usually resume on its own after about one week. Sometimes the tracking stops and does not resume, but your package will show up at your door (Africa).

And, as a friendly reminder: 

Wrong address disclaimer

It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that the shipping address is entered correctly at check-out.  If you entered the wrong shipping address at check-out, please contact me at with your order number and name, or simply respond right away to the order confirmation email you received.

Pazeña shall not be liable for delays and/or failures in delivery if we cannot gain access to the property. If the parcel is shipped with the incorrect address the courier may not accept an address change. If the parcel is returned and the buyer requests to reship the parcel additional shipping fees will be applied. 

If your direction changes or if you move after you order, please let me know right away by sending an email to so that I can adjust the shipping address if it's not already too late.



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