SAKADO handwoven cotton backpack with 2 pockets

Besides being vegan and handcrafted ethically by master weavers in Mexico, what is special about this line of backpacks is that while having minimal organization, they are great for carrying a tablet and come with an optional assorted cross-body bag that fits inside the front pocket of the backpack.

An iPad mini fits inside this cross-body bag or inside the front pocket of the backpack. Or put your valuables in this cross-body bag and whip it out from the backpack for a quick errand, or in a museum or store that does not allow backpacks. Very convenient option for travel or daily life!

Quality in 18 colors and traditional Zapotec patterns!

The Velcro patches are meant to be a safety feature: no one can open your backpack without you hearing it. Although they can be a hassle, I believe that they are more efficient than a magnetic closure or buttons for this purpose.

These beautiful creations are limited by the time each takes to create and you will cherish them for years. 

These bags are entirely machine-washable and will not deform or shrink (follow product care instructions).


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