Each product page on the website, hang tag and sewn tag states specifically how to care for your item. The warranty will not apply to products that have not been cared for according to instructions. Feel free to contact us at if you are not sure how to care for your product. We are here to help you personally!

Benefits of cotton

Cotton is breathable, which makes our cotton bags and backpacks nice to wear in the summer, in hot climates and even in cold climates.

Our cotton bags, backpacks and home items are machine-washable in COLD WATER, gentle cycle and mild detergent, preferably inside a wash bag. You can prewash stains by hand with a mild soap and cold water like you would for a cotton tee shirt. Do not use any harsh detergents. Let dry in the shade. NO DRYER. Iron with steam on cotton setting as needed.  


Benefits of wool

Wool is quite the clever fiber - it is naturally water-resistant, repelling moisture through its fibers and making it resistant to mold, rot and mildew. It is a renewable, sustainable fiber, and biodegradable. It is easy to clean because dirt sits on the surface of the fiber. It dries quickly and is flame-retardant. Naturally anti-allergenic, wool never collects static, therefore does not attract dust and dirt.

Your high quality, 100% wool Pazeña item will last for many years and get softer with time.

Wool Care

  • Backpacks and bags:

Caring for our premium wool, handcrafted bags is easy! For every day cleaning we suggest a cashmere brush. These are readily available online and in most craft and yarn stores. For more intensive cleaning we recommend dry cleaning only as the items are 100% wool. Blot and remove any stains immediately. Do not wash or soak wool items. Do not use detergents. It they get wet, blott them with a clean cloth and let them dry in the shade.

  • Rugs:

Vacuum a couple of times a month.

Occasionally (annually or biannually) rotate/ flip over the rug, so that it receives even wear.

Blot and remove any stains immediately.

Every few years, professionally clean, especially if foot traffic is high.



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