Articles made near Oaxaca by Gloria

These articles are handwoven row by row on a waist loom and expertly sewn by award-winning master weaver Gloria and her team near Oaxaca, Mexico. Gloria has won two miniature weaving competitions with honors, and came in 3rd place at another. Many generations of weavers passed down their knowledge and continue to do so so that it is not lost. She pours her heart and soul into her products. She puts the utmost care and pride into each item. She also takes her time to make them so that they all come out perfect. Weaving on a waist loom is hard on the back. We admire Gloria and her team for what they are able to achieve. 

The cotton used is grown, spun and dyed in Mexico.

Any color or combination of colors can be made at no extra cost. The colors presented are just examples of what can be done. Simply send us your request at and we will gladly accomodate your preferences.


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