These fine bracelets are woven ethically by master-weaver Gloria near Oaxaca. Gloria has won two miniature weaving competitions with honors, and came in 3rd place at another. She is able to weave a 2 meter long miniature woven band without any variation in the width of the band, which is the main difficulty of this type of work and is part of the criteria for competitions.

Very few weavers actually practice the art of miniature weaving and even of fine bracelet weaving. Miniature weaving is even finer than the finest of the bracelets you can see here. At this point we are not selling any miniature weave items but should anyone be interested in this type of items, feel free to contact us at

The process of weaving these bracelets is intense for the weaver. Once a weaver starts a bracelet, they cannot stop until it is finished or the work will not be even throughout the bracelet. It also takes very good eyes and perfect concentration at every move.

In the same line of fine weaving, we also offer small pouches which you can see here, small bags here, coin pouches here, small pouch here and regular pouch here.

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