Thank you for visiting this page. Thanks to the artisans collaborating with us, Pazeña offers functional handcrafted bags and backpacks that meet today's demands while retaining the qualities of traditional items. The same weaving techniques used for centuries ensure quality products. At Pazeña, modernity meets and respects tradition.

The artisans creating these items are true master weavers located in various pueblos in Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico, and around the Lost City in Colombia. Their communities have been weaving for centuries. Each weaver works out of their own home and at their own pace like they always have. At Pazeña we value their work and respect their lifestyle. We do not bargain their rates because they really deserve every single penny they earn and our mission is not to compete with mass production. The weavers are looking to connect to a wider global audience in order to preserve their own culture. 

Their items are sturdy and comfortable to wear. All are handloomed with the utmost care. Every order is treated as a special order since most artisans have no stock and some only own one loom. Each piece is unique. Some articles may take a day or two to make, others may take up to a month. Our goal is also to keep production slow to preserve the weavers' quality of life and product quality. Slow production is a real challenge in a world that is constantly speeding up... but if we want something to change we have to start somewhere.

When you buy one of Pazeña's items, you are directly helping the weaver communities in Mexico or Colombia to continue living off their ancestral art and you are making a difference in their life. 

Our first signature bag is the "Hazaña" backpack featuring our exclusive and innovative secret pocket on the outside with 2 elastic key fobs. Our customers love this bag for its multifunctionality and the fact that they no longer misplace their keys or USB drives! We will expand this unique feature to handbags and shoulder bags. The Hazaña is challenging to sew together, which is why we called it Hazaña, meaning a "feat" or "exploit" in Spanish. It took Two years to finalize this design. It comes in 18 ancient Zapotec colors and patterns.



Some instructions for weaver

Our second signature backpack is the Capricho backpack. Also with 5 pockets, it is very similar to the Hazaña. Instead of an external water bottle pocket it has a zipper pocket:

Our third signature backpack is the SAKADO, with only two pockets, for those of you who do not like many pockets:

The cotton used is grown and spun in Mexico or Colombia, then sometimes dyed manually by the weavers per order. The colors are set. We do not carry computer/laptop bags. All the above backpacks come in 18 different Zapotec colors and patterns and are machine washable in cold water.

We also provide shirts, rugs, bedspreads, dog bandanas and household items. Many of these items are vegan and can be gift items for special occasions. 

Unlike industrial products, handmade products may contain imperfections that make these items uniquely charming and do not affect their quality or use. We pride ourselves on authenticity.

Dimensions, patterns and colors may vary slightly from one item to the next in the same line due to the manual nature of the work and the inherent variations in the threads. 

Colors may differ somewhat from what is seen on a computer screen.

We ship worldwide except Venezuela, Guatemala and Syria. Packages are sent by the Mexican postal service (Correos de Mexico) with a tracking number. Most orders may take 4 weeks to reach you through your local postal service. We will keep you updated on your order and you will receive a tracking number.

We are physically located at La Goleta 438, Colonia Juarez, La Paz, BCS, 23090 - Mexico.

Our shipping, exchange/return, order cancellation/modification and international fee policies are available to you here and more info in the FAQs. By ordering you agree to these policies, therefore please consult them before you order. You are always welcome to contact us for any question.

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